January 30th, 2022

We have to win the Senate to stop the Left. But since we probably can't easily win the Senate seat in CA, it is of critical importance for us to support races in states where we can win and take back the Senate. What is the low hanging fruit? Right now it is Georgia.


Sunday, January 30th, 2022



Calvary Chapel San Jose

1175 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95118

Three Exciting Events in One Evening:

1. Meet Josh Clark - Georgia US Senate Candidate
2. Patriotic Country Music Concert Experience with Trey Taylor, the Youngest Upcoming Black Country Music Star
3. Afterglow with Josh Clark and Trey Taylor

A former San Jose resident and Calvary Academy father, Josh Clark has personally taken up that challenge to help win back the senate.

VACaction's Position is: We can't win the senate back in 2022 through CA because we can't win the CA Senator race easily. So how can we help? Are we stuck? Well, it's a lot easier to win the Georgia Senate seat than the California one. If we pin all our hopes on a seat we've not won in the last 30 years, it would be rather shortsighted and foolhardy. Why would we think we can suddenly win a senate seat for the first time in 30 years with Dominion running our elections and ballot harvesting and no voter ID AND in a state that couldn't even recall a tyrannical Governor just a few months ago?

Yes, we should not stop the fight for CA. But we need to take back the senate. So, we should focus a lot of effort on states where we can win. A few years ago, the VAC hosted a speaker Malcolm McGough who noted that California helped Trump win in 2016. How? Because we had a larger number of CA conservatives, calling the swing states to get out the vote. So, in the same way we need to help conservatives win the senate back through states like Georgia.

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1. Meet Josh Clark – Josh Clark is excited to be back in San Jose sharing with both old and new friends why he’s running for United States Senate in Georgia. Plus, discover why this race is the most important one in the entire country if we want to take back the Senate and stop Biden’s radical socialist agenda. He and his wife Chelsey, who will be joining him, lived in San Jose before moving back to Georgia in 2018. Their six children attended Calvary Christian Academy.
2. Concert Experience – With Trey Taylor the youngest African American in Country Music History. He was born in Colorado to a single mother and grew up in a Calvary Chapel. He’s a man of faith, passionate conservative, and award-winning singer song writer in Nashville, TN. You’ll be moved to emotion both by his music and patriotism!
3. After Glow with Trey and Josh – Hangout with our guests at a private residence with snacks and drinks.
Registration Options:
A) I want to help you take back the Senate with a donation! Sign me up for the Meet Josh + Concert Experience!
B) I’m unable to contribute now, but I want to attend the Meet Josh+ Concert Experience.
C) I’d like to contribute but I won’t be attending the event.
D) Register for the Afterglow! – You’re invited to register to the Afterglow where Josh and Trey will be available to visit with. $50 registration. Come talk faith, music, politics, and life with Josh, Chelsey, and Trey! Get pictures taken with them.
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 The VAC’s stance on COVID19

The Dangers
As you may know the VAC considers COVID19 to be a real disease, yet it has a 99+% rate of recovery if you are healthy,  and it is just as dangerous as driving a car in many cases as a recent study notes:

 The COVID-19 mortality rate in people <65 years old during the period of fatalities from the epidemic was equivalent to the mortality rate from driving between 4 and 82 miles per day for 13 countries and 5 states, and was higher (equivalent to the mortality rate from driving 106–483 miles per day) for 8 other states and the UK. People <65 years old without underlying predisposing conditions accounted for only 0.7–3.6% of all COVID-19 deaths in France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Georgia, and New York City and 17.7% in Mexico.


Your Rights

At the VAC, we consider any attempt by the government to limit the gathering of citizens for any reason a violation of our God Given Rights. In addition the way the government has been handling this disease reeks of Crony Corporatism and a power grab. So these current attempts by the government should be particularly concerning to all liberty minded individuals. Be assured that, if the VAC thought that this disease was as dangerous as the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu we would encourage everyone to stay home.
Yet, since the disease is real and contagious and can wipe you out for 2-4 weeks (or be deadly if you have comorbidities) those with known comorbidities are recommended to take precautions and stay home. We recommend the rest of our attendees regardless of health, ensure that they are taking Vitamin D (  and Zinc ( and as a preventative measure so that we don’t miss you for weeks (see links).

In one of the most populous states in India (Utter Pradesh), they have reduced the COVID death rate to low digits by issuing Ivermectin to everyone.

If anyone suspects the onset of the disease in themselves, we suggest that you stay home and that as soon as possible (within 2-3 days preferably) start to treat it with known protocols like Ivermectin or HCQ etc. 


If you have COVID click here for a doctor recommended protocols

Ivermectin Prescription
Please follow this link for a prescription if you currently think you have COVID (note they will not give you a prescription unless you have COVID).

Remdesivir and Doctors

Doctors are financially incentivized to prescribe Remdesivir even though it has serious side effects like renal failure.

On October 22, 2020, the FDA approved remdesivir (Veklury) forthe treatment of COVID-19 for adults and certain pediatric patientsrequiring hospitalization

 For eligible cases, the NCTAP is equal to the lesser of these:

 Remdesivir and Acute Renal Failure:

Rapid review of suspected adverse drug events due to remdesivir in the WHO database; findings and implications


The VAC’s stance on the Vaccines

 The VAC takes a very dim view of the need for a vaccine for a disease that is less dangerous than driving a car. The vaccine mandates are a gross violation of our Inalienable Rights. The government cannot mandate any action on healthy people. Nor can they discriminate against healthy people.

The Vaccines have enough data to show that they are dangerous and may cause rejection of any foreign objects in your body like artificial hips or implants or even corneas. Other studies have shown them to cause blood clots and other complications as well as death. 

The Justification for the Vaccines are illogical.
The vaccines were first touted to prevent the disease (we were skeptical). Now the data is clear that the vaccine does NOT prevent the disease. 
So what is the value in taking a vaccine that does not prevent a disease. Some have claimed it makes the disease less fatal or less severe, but first so does Ivermectin together with Zinc (as India has shown) and second being less fatal does not have any influence on spreading the disease. So if it’s not a contagion issue, it’s not a government health issue as there is no logic in mandating a vaccine that only makes the disease less severe for an individual. No one can mandate that. If someone wants to risk more severe symptoms it’s not anyone else’s problems (and no the emergency rooms are not filling up with the unvaccinated). And if that’s the case, with the trillions of dollars the government has given the drug companies, they could open up more clinics and hospitals.
Finally requiring tests for the unvaccinated is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s already clear that the vaccinated can also get and spread COVID, so how can any company treat unvaccinated people differently. Any companies that have tests for the unvaccinated but not for the vaccinated is going to lose a lot of money in a lawsuit.
If you don’t want to get the vaccine and your company is forcing you to do so, make sure you go to to get your Religious Exemption Form.

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