The VAC announced that we are planning on suing up to 43 School districts who have passed Transgender Policies. We will sue them 2-3 at a time. Note this plan will continue even if SB1100 passes. 


Here’s why: SB1100 does not stop transgenderism being pushed on our kids, it doesn’t stop the school district from forcing teachers to lie to parents.


We are looking for parents or staff in these school districts that meet these criteria below:

 If you or someone you know has kids or work in the schools below and fits the bill, have them email us: Sue3281@vacmail.org.


We want:

1) Parents of students in the districts below with policies that allow or require district staff to hide gender identity issues from parents

2) Teachers or other staff in the districts below that would compel them to use a students’ preferred pronoun despite this being against their sincerely held religious beliefs

3) Teachers or other staff in the districts below with policies that compel them to hide information from parents 


If you are a conservative on one of these School Boards, we do recommend reversing the policy before we have to sue your school.t



We also want to organize 5000+ parents to meet to & change our laws & hold both accountable.

It’s time to ask every one of the Pride Sponsors if they are OK with Kids being sexualized as Drag Kids. 

Parents want to know: Are they going to sponsor this event next year?
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