Francis Collins

Every Black Life Matters' statement on Francis Collins

EBLM and the VAC are asking the Church in Silicon Valley to take a stand and reject evil. 
Contact Transforming the Bay with Christ, New Beginnings Community Church and Christian Entrepreneurs Association and ask them to disassociate from and condemn Francis Collins. Contact your pastor and ask him to email TBC. Details below.

Evidence and details are in the PDF below. Please do your own research, print it, download it and send it to your pastor. Share this page with everyone.

Item 1. Collins has funded the harvesting of full and late-term unborn babies (42 weeks old – that’s 10 ½ months) for experimentation and funded it with our tax dollars. He was aware that part of our tax dollars went towards scheduling abortions up to 19 weeks AFTER viability (viability is around 23 weeks – and they were “harvesting” babies at 42 weeks, i.e., almost 5 months after they could live on their own outside the womb). They had the intent of keeping the unborn baby alive and warm until needed so the tissue would not degrade (‘warm ischemic time’ is the term used). This was done so these murdered babies’ scalps could be grafted on animals like rats for experiments. Note that most babies are born between 39-40 weeks. These 42-week-old babies could survive without any special care needs if they were simply delivered instead of being slaughtered for science. In fact, an abortion at this stage includes having to deliver the dead baby anyway and is usually more dangerous to the mother than giving birth. But rather than deliver the baby alive, they kill it for science. This is simply infanticide. This fact alone should be enough for anyone to stop reading and take action.
Item 2. Of particular interest to EBLM was that this taxpayer funded study focused on ensuring that 50% of the babies who were to be killed, were to be minorities. Think bblack babies.
Item 3. FOIA requests have shown that Collins funded the Wuhan Virus labs to find how to infect human cells with viruses.
Item 4. In public interviews Collins lied about this and the FOIA requests shows that he was aware of his lie.
Item 5. Emails that Collins received and read from large reputable UK agencies show that despite the evidence that Ivermectin was effective in stopping COVID-19, he suppressed the truth about Ivermectin and in fact it seems worked to prevent doctors from prescribing it.
Item 6. Similar emails show that he knew about the side effects of the COVID-19 shots i.e., myocarditis, skeletal deformations and anaphylaxis and yet did not release it and allowed the COVID-19 shots to proceed without revealing or announcing the side effects.
Item 7. Collins gave millions of our dollars to studies for “transgender kids” in an effort to lower the age of genital castration and mastectomies and drug experiments on children from 13 to as young as 8. It’s bad enough that he approves of transgender ideology (there are more than 2 genders despite the Bible’s truth), but it’s worse that he is working to lower the age of treatment. One can only assume it was because the drug and medical industries can make as much as $400,000 per transitional child.
Item 8. [NEWLY ADDED] Collins has used Premature Babies as Guinea Pigs
Item 9. [NEWLY ADDED] Collins has even justified the eugenic abortions of infants with Down’s syndrome.
Item 10. [NEWLY ADDED] Collins suppressed and censored and disparaged qualified scientists who provided alternative evidence that showed that lockdowns do not work. One of whom we know personally and is a brother in the Lord.
Item 11. And finally, while professing his faith in our Lord, Collins claims that Adam never existed and thus the theology that Adam was the first sinner, or that sin entering the world through Adam is simply false for him. Which despite all justifications, as all pastors know, is a position that is considered unbiblical, heretical and contrary to the Gospel and of course contrary to main stream Christianity.
All the documentation to back the above accusations are below in the PDF File as well as our appeal to action (contact the sponsors). This page is at
Please note, the evidence indicates these were not isolated incidents. Collins had full authority over government departments and funding to halt any immoral actions. Various men who were in the same position before him did exactly that stop evil actions. He did not and in fact these immoral practices became more common under him and continue to do so.
Details about the Event
The event with Dr. Francis Collins (NIH and BioLogos) is on April 28th apparently in association with Transforming the Bay with Christ (, New Beginnings Community Church in Redwood City and maybe one or two other Christian Organizations like the Christian Entrepreneurs Association
You can sign up for the event here:
It would be interesting for there to be a large Christian audience who is aware of the above. I anticipate that due to this letter, they will not take spoken questions and probably limit it to only to emailed or texted questions so they can filter out the awkward ones.
Take Action. We cannot be silent.
We urge you to contact the sponsors even if you are out of the area.
Contact YOUR OWN Pastor and ask him to contact Transforming the Bay for Christ. Ask him to send the VAC an email if he’s willing to join us on a press release:
Contact Pastor Hamilton of NBCC here: Be gracious.
Contact TBC : and let them know what you think. Be kind and gentle – speak the truth in love.
Contact the Christian Entrepreneurs Association: Remember they are all brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Please note that TBC and NBCC have been sent a previous copy of this letter already and are well aware of the issue now. So, your emails should encourage them to separate themselves from this event and to condemn what Collins has done. They need to stand for life.
If you are local to Silicon Valley, it is fine to mention that you will be also speaking to your pastor and asking your church to dissociate with them if they continue with this. We cannot be partners with those who commit these acts in plain violation of the Bible. Please get a commitment from your own pastor that he WILL take a Godly stand on this. This is not one of those issues we can ignore. EBLM will continue to take action on this issue and watch it as best we can.
May we be so bold to say that we think that no Christian non-political organization or church should associate themselves with this event or be seen as endorsing or promoting him, unless they insist that he answer all challenges truthfully and without deflection. If he is willing to respond and defend his stance or be contrite, we must be willing to hear.
We understand that this alliance may have been made initially by NBCC, TBC and CEA without this knowledge of Collin’s gross immorality. But by now they are all fully aware of the contents of this letter.
We do want Collins to speak
Please understand, we want Collins to speak. In fact the VAC would be happy to host him in a debate, because the VAC while a Christian organization is precisely in the business of encouraging discussions about morality, politics, legislation and liberty with speakers of opposing views and often hosts politicians brave enough to face our members. We’ve hosted former Mayor Sam Liccardo (and asked him many tough questions), Larry Elder (long line for Q&A, some very direct) and we invited Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez (she turned us down) and many others whom we do not see eye to eye. The VAC clearly does not endorse all of our speakers and we do not restrict audience questions of even a very tough nature (as long as it is respectful).  However if Collins does ever speak at the VAC, he will be asked about the issues below. It is in the very nature of the structure of the VAC to encourage this sort of a discussion. But just as we would never want a non-Christian to be preaching on a Sunday morning, we never want apolitical Christian organizations to be seen as endorsing Collins.
 (I know, I know, it almost sounds like we are mad that he didn’t come speak for us first. But really, that’s not the case. We probably would have only accepted him in a debate format or if he’d have agreed to respond genuinely to live questions without deflecting the questions.)
See the appendix for the details, evidence, footnotes in the PDF File below. Please note that our sources are reputable reporting and research agencies. 
Please share this. 
Note: Since the initial post, our list of accusations have grown as folks send us more documented evidence.
Please do not link to the PDF as that link will change as we update the PDF with new info. Please link to this page instead